Alumni Stories

Our alumni are not just satisfied with the status quo. Many are moving on to secure advanced training and others have been fittingly recognized for their outstanding contributions in their organizations. Here is a snapshot of some success stories

My name is Umal and I graduated in 2015. I started volunteering with an organisation that had paid my tuition through clinical school as a technical advisor on a malnutrition project in Iganga, eastern Uganda for a year.

Due to my competence I was hired by another organisation musana community development organisation (  to help in the setup of their health centre (musana community health centre ), a project that I thought was too big for me to handle but with the help of my teachers and mentors at CIU the hospital was set up in a space of one year and I can say it the leading private not for profit now health centre in the district.

This opened up more opportunities for me both locally and internationally and I worked on multiple projects some of which I was privileged to do in partnership with CIU. I was privileged and landed another deal with new life ministries to set up another health facility further in the district where I also doubled as a clinical administrator during which we extended both affordable update health services to the people of idudi through idudi community health centre.  I have created employment opportunities for more than 5 classmates and those that were both in years below and ahead of me.

I enrolled back into school at the University of Manchester to do health services management so to pursue my goals even better. I can proudly say I have changed lives because CIU gave me a good foundation, for my teachers and mentors that have continuously supported me am always grateful. I now do consultancy with healthcare setups and setting up systems. I also do still practice with currently guardian health.
A word to my alumni is to always push no matter how hard it. Don't get too comfortable and always follow your dreams, CIU gave me the foundation it helped me discover my potential and for that, I will always be grateful.
Umal Ssenkubuge 

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