Alumni Stories

Our alumni are not just satisfied with the status quo. Many are moving on to secure advanced training and others have been fittingly recognized for their outstanding contributions in their organizations. Here is a snapshot of some success stories

My name is Liliane Umwiza, a proud alumna of Clarke International University. I was at CIU from 2009 to 2013 and I was doing BSc. Nursing. I was motivated to become a nurse because as a child living in Rwanda at the time, I found myself living in a refugee camp at a certain point due to the political instability in the country and as a result of the overcrowding and poor hygiene in the camp, we experienced a cholera outbreak which I, unfortunately, contracted as well.

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I am Frank Kiwanuka, a BSN graduate class of 2016. I chose CIU because I wanted smaller class sizes that could give me a chance to establish close relationships with other students and my teachers. During the course of my studies, I got a full scholarship from the Rose’s Journey Scholarship Fund which enabled me to perform better and complete the program. This was really outstanding.

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