Get Involved

Clarke International University is developing more and more programs to have their alumni involved with the university whenever they can. At the moment these are ways to can be involved in IHSU


IHSU continues to hold its graduation ceremony in December. Alumni can participate by  Giving an inspiration speech.  
For more information please contact Bitariho Phiona, Senior Assistant Registrar/PR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IHSU Sports Day:

We would like you to join us during IHSU Sports Day activities which take place once a year during the month of April. This event brings us together as a community of Students, Faculty, Staff, Council, and Friends to celebrate the sports talent of our family.  Please join the student/staff/faculty teams which include:

  • Lukwiya 
  • Johnsnow
  • Newton
  • Nightingale


Communication will be obtained from  Bitariho Phiona, Senior Assistant Registrar/PR

Student Recruitment

Public Lectures:

IHSU would like to welcome back Alumni who would like to participate in our Public Lecture Series.  Every semester, at least three to four Public Lectures are organized in collaboration with Student Government. If you would like to participate in our upcoming Public Lecture Series please contact us

Mentoring and Coaching the current IHSU students;

  • Guiding the students in the clinical/ practicum area on skill building, appreciating work ethics, leadership tasks.
  • Orienting them toward evidence-based nursing.
  • Creating opportunities for continuing  IPHM student; initially for internship, placement and community activity.
  • Collaboration by mentorship through research; for example recommending them as research assistants to collect or analyze data in various organizations.
  • Building partnership with NGO, especially  where Alumni can influence; identify a project in which IHSU students can engage in

Success Story

CIU gave me the foundation, it helped me discover my potential

2018-01-25 12:40:41

My name is Umal and I graduated in 2015. I started volunteering with an organisation that had paid my...